empower Your data-driven culture

self-service analytics & actionable AI

Datamai.AI™ provides user-friendly access to analytic insights and trusted results.

Our industry-leading AI-enabled tool suite offers unprecedented accuracy through powerful, patented algorithms. We build seamless solutions that integrate advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning with scalable, distributed technologies to automate data preparation and accelerate line-of-business insights.

Datamai.Ai Capabilities 

Datamai.Ai™ offers a range of capabilities to empower data-driven users:

User-friendly Insights: Quickly obtain analytic insights without needing a deep understanding of statistical analysis or data science.

Self-service: Foster a data-driven culture by shifting the role of data management from solely IT’s responsibility to a shared responsibility between IT and the business.

Transparency and accountability: No black box and completely auditable results ensure that every stage of the process is marked by clarity and responsible practices.

Automated decision-making (ADM) and data preparation: Transform raw data assets into trusted information without having to wait for specialized IT teams or consultants.

Unprecedented accuracy: Use our proprietary techniques to account for bias and noise in data, and to identify patterns that would be missed by other methods.

Industry Leading Solutions

Datamai.Ai self-service analytics and actionable AI solutions apply in various industries and domains, such as finance, healthcare, transportation, and customer service. Common use cases include improving customer experience, enhancing product development and optimizing messaging and communication services.

Improve customer experience

Leverage our powerful Datamai Ai™ solutions to establish an enduring connection with your customers that sets your business apart. 

Enhance product development

Our powerful Datamai Ai™ solutions offer a range of data-driven capabilities to support product development, branding, and marketing decision making. We help you stay miles ahead of your competition.

Optimize messaging & communication services 

Our powerful Datamai Ai™ solutions enable you to develop content that deeply resonates with your target audience. Create compelling content that drives engagement, conversions, and long-term loyalty.

Unique IP

These powerful behind-the-engine capabilities come with an unparalleled accuracy and transparent audibility on a visual platform so you can take measures quickly, with an ease of mind knowing your actions will produce real business results.