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We offer industry-leading solutions that are trusted by famed global brands to support a myriad of business models and use cases with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Case Studies

We are proud of the roster of famed global brands who trust our platform to provide compelling self-service analytics and actionable AI software solutions to their line-of-business functions.

Below, we share more detailed case studies to demonstrate the real-world impacts Datamai delivers. Please reach out if you want to know how you can replicate the same success and dramatically transform your business!


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Founded as a customer first organization, Jet Blue didn’t have the right tools to execute on that promise. They needed to understand what drives customer experience, and listen to customers to measure the impact of changes in real time.
Actions and Results

Starting with three airports, Datamai used a combination of structured and unstructured data to identify 120 potential factors of customer influence. Working with multiple stakeholders, we analyzed billions of data points to determine the key factors to influencing customer experience.

Ultimately, 20 factors were key to positively shaping customer experience. As JetBlue changed strategy to focus on those areas, Datamai increased purchase rate by 15%, increased customer perception (NPS) by over 20%. Delivering a $10M ROI in just 3 airports.

Expanding to all airports and every division of the company lead to a total company increase in NPS, a 2.5% increase in customer loyalty overall, and a $1B lift across the organization in 3 years. Unstructured data was key to gaining depth of insight and providing real time updates on the success of the investment.

Global social media company

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This global social media platform with hundreds of millions of users, had tried, unsuccessfully, with two global marketing agencies to launch a new market research application.

This company combined advanced customer segmentation with our sophisticated reputation management analysis and planning to develop a messaging plan to neutralize the reasons people were hesitant to embrace their product concept.

Results: Negative press was almost completely eliminated before launch, and the app received over 500k downloads in the first three months.

Top Global Bank

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The bank’s online retail banking experience was problematic for customers, resulting in abandoned carts, incomplete transactions, and unhappy people. They needed to capture sales opportunities that customers were trying to give to them.

Datamai captured millions of data points from unstructured data sources, social media, email feedback, web chat, website surveys, and real time website feedback and paired that with existing structured data to map the customer journey and understand the obstacles to completing a transaction. This included real time monitoring, scoring and routing to call center channels.

Overall, Datamai helped the bank better listen to their customers, resulting in understanding the NPS drivers to online experience, and changing the system to identify 94% of customer issues in real time. After paying for itself in the first week, the project was considered so financially successful that the bank demanded a non-compete so their competitors couldn’t have access for 2 years.


Global Tier 1 advertising agency

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 Global tier one marketing agency needed a better way of identifying and forecasting trends to use in its marketing proposals for its clients.

Using a custom-built social media trend forecasting software, this agency identified and forecast social media trends to improve campaign effectiveness, reduce campaign costs, and manage onboarding workflow in the marketing department more efficiently.

Results: 80% reduction in ongoing campaign management costs and 30% reduction in workflow management costs.


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McDonald’s had a problem with employee turnover at the lowest levels that was costing the company billions of dollars a year.

Datamai gathered tens of millions of messages shared on social media by customers and employees as well as reviews. Using our advanced natural language processing, we were able to identify patterns in the causes employees cited for leaving. Datamai went the additional step of developing a manager behavioral model to reduce turnover and increase employee engagement in ways that did not increase costs.

McDonald’s had spent over 2 years and tens of millions of dollars to get to these same conclusions, but only Datamai gave them a real-time model that could be deployed at a local level.

Regional quick serve restaurant chain

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This national restaurant chain had a plan to grow by 20% and needed to make sure their customer experience could contribute to that growth. Executives had a range of conflicting opinions, but had no data to validate the customer’s true experience.

Datamai brought together multiple external unstructured data sources, including review sites, blogs, social media and others to define the customer journey for multiple customer segments. Analyzing over 75 attributes we learned that none of the hypotheses were correct and discovered what truly drove their customer’s customer satisfaction and repurchase decision making.

They listened to the customer and refocused training and performance metrics, resulting in increasing total company sales by over 4.4%, as well as improving the overall frequency of customer visits without significant cost or capital investments.



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DirectTV had been losing customers for several years and had been unable to identify the reasons using existing data. They turned to Datamai to explore online customer conversations to understand the problems and reduce churn.

We analyzed millions of churn conversations to identify specific interactions where former DirectTV customers were talking about why they had left.

We found a major portion of the churn was because the customer had lost tv signal during football games during a weather event. We developed a retention plan based on these interactions to determine the best way to retain these customers.

While DirectTV could not stop the loss of signal issues, changes to marketing and developing a retention campaign led to a 50% total churn reduction as well as creating a continuing avenue to discover and address new churn issues.


Global electronics manufacturer

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This Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturer had a lack of confidence in the accuracy of the Social Media Monitoring services they received from their public relations agency. Their marketing executives required both ad hoc analysis and operational reporting capabilities with up to date social media content to help them discover and track trends related to their entire product line.

The Datamai team invested in a brief social media study to capture social content related to their Mobile Devices and their main competitors. We worked with the customer to manage the overall project, corresponding plan, risks and issues. We  assisted with the software installation and implementation and focused our efforts on the resolution of problems identified from testing application acceptance testing conducted by the Samsung client.

The Datamai  solution accelerated and improved the process of understanding customer wants/ needs for future mobile devices. These competitive analysis driven insights fed into the existing research processes for the entire product line on a global level for their Marketing team.

Top global shoe brand

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Situation: This leading shoe manufacturer prides itself in being at the leading edge of style. Frequently they would produce a new shoe that would be popular in niche areas, but would not be profitable when delivered nationally.

Task: They needed data to help target the shoe to the right customers.

Action: Datamai worked with the client to identify markets for niche products, using social media and advanced analytics to identify the geographical location of individuals that met the style and taste requirements for the product.

Results: Pilot testing showed this targeting was effective and resulted in multiple profitable new product lines targeted to specific geographic areas. 

National top 2 beverage manufacturer

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This top beverage competitor’s new energy drink was failing to generate sales. Their product positioning was fundamentally misaligned to the audience most likely to love the product.

Using social media, we were able to identify the audiences that were actively looking for the specific attributes and features of this product. This analysis revealed the existing marketing plan did not target any of the interested audience. We partnered to provide ongoing customer listening to continually improve, refine, and expand target audience identification, targeting, and message relevancy.

By targeting the correct audience and continuing to listen to them, sales jumped 600%, and the product reached sufficient profitability to be an ongoing part of the portfolio.


A top 5 telecommunication company

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Datamai matched customer segment activities to sales cycle using crawled social media and searched out business owners unhappy with their current providers, estimating their purchasing intent and readiness.

Results: Sales for each of the target products increased by at least 20%.


An International Media Conglomerate

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The Marketing team for an International Media Conglomerate found our Datamai SaaS Products were critical to truly understand customer interests and preferences across multiple continents. They used social media to identify and map appropriate product entry.

Results: Successful product entry with customized messaging for each region.

Real-world impact

Datamai.AI has been used by businesses of all sizes to achieve real-world results, such as:

    • A leading telecommunications company reduced customer churn by 25% in just six months using Datamai.Ai to identify and target at-risk customers with personalized interventions.

    • A leading retail company increased sales by 10% year-over-year using Datamai.Ai to personalize product recommendations and marketing campaigns.

    • A leading technology company improved product development time by 50% using Datamai.Ai to track customer needs and preferences more quickly and accurately.

    • A leading consumer goods company reduced marketing costs by 30% using Datamai.Ai to optimize its messaging and communication services.

A top 5 global big box retailer

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This national retail & grocery chain had a challenge identifying product quality issues, especially among their private labelled brands. Typically, product issues took 9-12 months to discover and resolve and resulted in the loss of tens of millions or more in sales.

Datamai brought together multiple external unstructured data sources, including review sites, blogs, social media and others to identify quality issues across product categories. Analyzing attributes across all major product lines, we setup tracking and alerting to identify any issues as soon as they arose.

During the pilot, alone, we identified a regional milk supplier whose milk was expiring before the printed expiration date. The resolution saved tens of millions of dollars in that region and paid for the solution many times over.