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ProducT-Focused DATAMA.AI capabilities

Transform your product development, branding and marketing functions to produce a measurable, real business impact in every phase of your product life cycle.

Product Solutions

Do you yearn to tap into your customers’ unknown, unmet needs? Do you wish to stay miles ahead of your competition? Do you want to know which product features and functions will maximize market share?

Product-focused AI Capabilities

Our powerful Datamai Ai™ solutions offer a range of Self-service and Automated decision-making (ADM) capabilities to support product development, branding, and marketing decision making. We guide product improvements, trade-off analysis, repositioning, pricing optimization, and promotional activities to maximize profitability and help you stay miles ahead of your competition.



New Product Development

Developing the optimal features and functions for new products, or optimizing a brand portfolio, can be a daunting task. It involves trade-offs between many equally important variables in an environment of ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences.

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Datamai Ai™ is an actionable intelligence empowering you to make optimal decisions with a compelling product-customer match. It optimizes features and functions, prioritizes impact vs. importance analysis, identifies unmet customer needs and sources of dissatisfaction, distills social chatter, and positions your product competitively.

Comparison of two national fast food restaurant brands

Case Study: Top global shoe brand

Dynamic Pricing

Even with all the right research and features, pricing can make or break a product, In rapidly changing market conditions and changing customer preferences, optimal pricing maximizes your producer surplus without leaving too much on the table.

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Datamai Ai™ is a powerful solution that balances the impact of price changes on demand to maximize revenues from each customer segment. It is an essential product in any product marketer and pricing manager’s toolkit.

Case Study: A national personal grooming company 

Defect Detection

When something goes wrong with your product and is beginning to cause consumer dissatisfaction, it’s critical to detect defects early to prevent a potential national PR disaster. This powerful technology empowers you to take decisive action quickly.

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Datamai Ai™ is advanced AI technology that detects internal defects using sophisticated algorithms and social media conversations to identify product quality and safety issues. This is one of the products in our Defensive Strategy Product Suite and is offered as a SaaS product.

Case Study: Global electronics manufacturer

Product Portfolio Optimization

Identifying which products contribute the most to the bottom line and which drag it down (and why) dramatically boosts profits. A regular review of the product portfolio requires discipline.

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Datamai Ai™ can help you prune unprofitable products and create new ones to improve profits for an optimal portfolio. We provide an SaaS subscription to help you regularly monitor profitability at the portfolio level.

Case Study: Regional Fastfood restaurant chain 

Customer Product Match

Product positioning misaligned with the customer segment can be a costly mistake that often goes undetected. Fine-tuned positioning with a compelling message relevant to the specific customer segment can turn the tides quickly.

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Datamai Ai™ identifies the unmet needs of customer segments and matches them to relevant products.

Case Study: National top 2 beverage manufacturer

Case Studies:

Our industry-leading Datamai Ai™ tool suite is trusted by famed global brands to support their product development, branding, and marketing decision making:

  • Case Study: Top global shoe brand
  • Case Study: A national personal grooming company
  • Case Study: Global electronics manufacturer
  • Case Study: Regional Fast-food restaurant chain